Branche d'Olive

Each time I visit
Like some expectant lover I reclaim you as my own
Like a lover you inspire me to greater heights
And expense
But my love, you are worth it
you are worth every penny
The long journey to embrace you
Each time grows shorter
The first glimpse of you
Awakens my spirit and my senses
Each time I visit I love you more
And want more of you
And your time
Standing tall and strong and still
On the edge in a land of milk and honey
With laughing trees that love to dance
And swallows and swifts that skim and kiss your walls
Watching over your valley of inspirational bliss and natural charm
As fractious visitors melt in your beauty and your smile and your calm
You hold firm in a world that's forgotten
what it is to be completely at peace
And you teach them again.

Hi Sarah

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay at your beautiful gite in Najac. We had a brilliant holiday - fabulous accomodation, gorgeous landscapes, good food. I feel totally rejuvinated, and Esme really enjoyed herself too - she particularly loved the pool.

Please send our thanks to Michelle for providing provisions and for maintaining the pool, and for booking Dali's on our behalf (great restaurant!). We kept ourselves really busy exploring all the nearby villages and visited Villefrance a few times and also went to Albi (I also devoured quite a few of the books on your bookshelf - think I managed 8 including those I brought with me, so I did quite well considering we had a little one to entertain!).

Can't thank you enough for all your kindness - we really had a fab holiday.

Kind regards