Vinyasa Flow is the most all encompassing form of yoga – engaging the body, mind and spirit in equal measure. It's not competitive as some forms are. It isn't powerhouse, sweat box yoga, nor is it hours of meditation, chanting and nothing else. And the instructors don't make you feel a failure if you can't do a specific pose or reach a certain level. Vinyasa Flow embodies a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit work which suits all ages and all body types.


I qualified as a yoga instructor in July 2013, having completed a 200 RYT hour Vinyasa Flow course with Claire Missingham. As a best selling author and travel and lifestyle broadcaster and journalist, sitting stationery, staring at a screen for hours on end, my head full of characters, plot lines and deadlines, I found Vinyasa Flow yoga invaluable, giving me inspiration and focus in my work, clearing my mind of clutter, as well as improving my core strength, suppleness and sense of self and physical and emotional balance. As someone who has taught dance, aerobics, step, and the various other fads and trends in toning thighs, bums and tums, dancing hip, zumba, or any other variation of movement, Vinyasa Flow is different. It transforms the emotions and the spirit as well as the body. As someone who has also travelled extensively for work, I recognise this location as being very special, ideal for a retreat, but not so remote, there's nothing to do. There's loads to do, but you may simply want to retreat and stay on location as most do.


At L'arbre d'argent, I have brought together a small select group of personable, enthusiastic male and female instructors who embody all the very best in the yoga philosophy and more. They also each have a wonderful sense of humour. The class is only as good as those who teach it, and I've selected those teachers who not only know their stuff, but have the voice to teach it and enthuse those they teach. Within the magical surroundings of the house and gardens, they will teach groups of no more than eight each morning and afternoon for week and long weekend courses. For further details please contact 07990946135


Weekend or weekday, each course will combine with an alternative therapy, including massage and facial treatments, aromatherapy, kinesiology and spiritual healing, as well as tours of the region which is incredibly beautiful. There are some of the most interesting and authentic markets in France in Najac and Villefranche, and kayaking in St Antonin is a high light of the trip. You're not forced to go but you'd be silly not to. Private tuition is also available.


Beautiful facilities in a converted convent and gite, there are also yurts in the gardens. Wifi is available in the convent and gite as well as UK TV, CD players. Breakfasts are catered. Lunches and suppers are optional catering. Local organic ingredients are used in all cooking on the premises. The property has been designed as a home from home.


Just over an hour from Toulouse airport (Heathrow and Gatwick), and just under an hour from Rodez Airport (Stansted), set in two acres, the property is in the hamlet of La Salvatat des Carts, famous for it's church, where thirty years ago gold was discovered in the vaults of the church thought to have been left by the crusading knights. The Parisien government took the gold, as they do, but renovated the church and near by village of Najac. It is a stunning location, and as someone who has travelled the world for work, it remains one of the most magical places I have ever visited. You need a car to get into nearby Najac, although fresh bread and milk is delivered daily (local farmers and bakers). You can walk in – which will take half an hour – mostly downhill – and call us from the village – where we will come collect. There are festivals in the Autumn as well as wine tasting in the nearby villages of Cordes, Gaillac and Villefranche, as well as fabulous restaurants which are not on the tourist trail – mainly because only the locals know about them, and I don't write about them. You are able to fly, or as I do on many occasions, and take the car and stop at locations on route.

You can read an article I wrote about the area by clicking this link.


Courses are held from May and June, to early July. September and October. For further details please email madasatucker@aol.com. Group bookings are also available.